"I am constantly amazed at man’s inhumanity to man."—Primo Levi

The events of the late 1970’s in Cambodia are but another heartbreaking chapter in our shared global history. Many of you born later may not remember or know anything about the Khmer Rouge’s reign of terror then. Artists like Binh Danh, who has spent a great deal of timing considering this history, help us to remember because, out of respect for life, we should not forget. 

These portraits of portraits, printed on leaves using a special technique Danh invented, have deep psychological and aesthetic undercurrents. They are beautiful, poignant and dignified. The work is subtle, potent and tied to nature. The individuals looking at us—numbered, documented and long gone—attest to the ephemeral nature of life and the cruelty of injustice. As we know, subsequent events in Rwanda, Bosnia- Herzegovina as well as the current crisis in Congo keep us, regrettably, constantly amazed. —Lane Nevares 

Beautiful technique and stunning photos. -Emily

Gods always behave like the people who make them.
Zora Neale Hurston. (via theblacksophisticate)

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